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Interesting Facts

        Amazon rainforest produces about 40 percent of the worldís oxygen

        Man kind has already destroyed half of the original tropical rain forests

        This Biome contains the largest biomass

        Every minute there is Tropical rainforests being destroyed, enough to fill 50 football fields

        1400 plants in the rain forestís are believed to cure cancer

        In some regions there can be more then 15 feet of rain in one year

        The Tropical Rain Forest only covers 2 percent of the earths surface but holds more then half of the earths animalís, insects and flora

        Within 4 square miles you would find Over 750 species of trees, 1500 different kinds    of flowering plants, 125 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 100 reptiles, 60 amphibians, countless insects, 150 species of butterflies

        Only 1 percent of these species has ever been studied

        Some areas rain for 24 hours straight for most days

        Most of the rainforests are located on the continents of Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia

        The worlds largest river (The Amazon River) runs right through the Rain Forests

        Their is millions of different types of species in the Rain Forest scientist donít even know all of them

        Giant Bamboo plants can grow up to 9 inches a day

        The trees in the Tropical rain Forest are so packed up it takes more then 10 minuets for rain to drop to the ground

        Some Monkeys of the rain forest are omnivores

        In the rain forests of south America there are over 2000 species of butterflies

        80 percent of the flowers in Australiaís rain forest are only found in that one rain forest

        one out of four ingredients in medicine come from the rain forest

        The worlds largest snake (The Anaconda) lives in the Tropical rain forests

        About 2000 trees per minuet are cut down

        The rain forest has over fifteen million plants and animals


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Biotic Factor-Any Factor that is living and in a biome ( animal or plants)

Abiotic Factor- Anything not living that is present in a biome. (does not include dead animals or plants)         (ex air, water, sunlight, soil)

Producer-An organism that produces it's own food through photosynthesis. (plants)

Consumer- There are two types, Primary and Secondary. Primary-eats plants secondary eats meat

Decomposers- An organism that breaks down dead animals and plants and provides nutrients to the         soil. (worm)

Food Web-A diagram explaining how energy from food or prey is transferred through animals and plants.

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